For me photography has always been my creative outlet. (This girl can't draw to save her life!) I choose to learn more about the technical aspects of photography by attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh right after highschol.  It  wasn't until my mom passed away shortly after that I realized the sentimental value photos hold.  To me photos arent just piece of paper or a file taking up space on my phone. To me photos are a way to hold on to your memories. Photos that instantly come to mind when I think about my life are... The photo of Eric and I dancing together on the very first night we met, the saddness of my mom not being there for my wedding but still being present as I held her garden roses in my boquet and the very first time Eric held Jackson in the hospital. All photos of memories I hold close to my heart. 

Weddings are filled with so many little moments that are charished for many years after the initial I DO. The mother of the bride helping the bride with her grandmas pearl necklace, the candles lit in memory of lost loved ones, the love shared between the newleyweds, and laughter between friends as they dance the night away. I focus on capturing those moments and memories for couples so when they look at their photos they can relive that memory just as I do with all the photos I hold close to my heart! 

*Scroll down to learn about the people that matter most to me, some of my favorite things and possiably see a photo of me as a child.*  







1. ERIC: He comes to my rescue everytime I lock my keys in the car. He makes me laugh when I want to cry. I still have the very first rose he gave me over 7 years ago.  2. JACKSON: It wasn't until this little many cam along did I feel like my family was complete. His giggles brighten my day, his baby blues melt my heart and his determindness makes me both pround and want to drink wine at the same time. 3. POLORID CAMERA: This makes me feel both nastalgic and thankful. Nastalgic because I can remember these and disposable camera from when I was little. Thankful because in a world saturated with digital technology having an instant tangable photo instead of a photo trapped on my phone is something I hold close to my heart.  


4. CHRISTMAS:  By far my favorite time of the year. It's the twinkle of the lights, the smell of the freshly cut pine tree,and the antisipation of seeing Santa in the mall for the first time of the season. Yes I am a grown adult who waves to Santa everytime she sees him. And yes I am one of those people who want a tree as soon a summer is over.  5. THE BEACH: The beach holds some of my favorite memories throughout the years. Attempting to teach my mom to skim board, flipping Eric off of a jet sk,and Jackson's little feet running away from the waves just to name a few. 6. MY MOM: She was my best friend, a fighter, my biggest supporter and always encouraged me to "Reach For The Stars"! She lost her fight over 6 years ago. Even though she may not be here in person anymore but she is always close to my heart!